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what does a day with us look like?


  • independent play, motor and sensory games

  • fruits, vegetables, healthy snacks

  • singing, dancing, musical instruments, speech therapy games and yoga

  • morning snacking - children are led to be independent and capable of self-service

  • we learn numbers, letters, shapes and much more

late morning

  • trip / going to the park / crafting according to the weekly theme (painting, creating, cutting, improving motor skills, using imagination) / exercising in sokol / canistherapy

  • outdoor group games, e.g. learning about nature using a magnifying glass, water painting, dance and music, games with a parachute, agility rings and many others, we do not get bored! 


  • inside or outside, with possibility of lunch delivery from the healthy kitchen of OAZA


  • story reading and napping

  • free activity, crafting and snacking

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